Ampfacts lift-off banter

alright @john.david.murphy and @Harold - i’m calling y’all out – #showmetheampfacts

for real I have updated my list here ((Therealchuckb - factslist) with 10, well described, medium agnostic techniques

If you could at least help start the ‘contributor bios’ by rea–ding this / filling out the post. (at

Also would like to welcome — @AnswerCode and @HerrErdbeeren – I’ll invite them to introduce themselves by also asking them to go to Contributor Intros / Club Application and follow instructions to add their bios.


Heard! I’ll get something in this weekend. Thanks for setting this up! Long may it live.

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This link seems to be broken, maybe edit?

hmmm weird it’s working for me?

This is what I see: