Welcome to the Ampfacts Creative Club! (NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ)

Welcome to the Ampfacts Creative Club!

The Ampfacts Creative Club is publicly-view but privately-contributable forum / community generally structured around the AMPFACTS Manifesto, who’s sole purpose is to provide a virtual space for the sharing / discussion of creative material.

The Rules are as follows:

  1. Have fun and be respectful of others - this forum is for people of all races, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity etc.

  2. This site / forum may contain offensive / 21+ content - Mature artistic / entertainment content that may be obscene, sexual, or otherwise “indecent” is encouraged for discourse / discussion - browse at your own risk.

  3. The forum is public to browse - the internet at large can look at everything on here (besides for explicitly stated private topics; of which there are none outside of mod / staff groups). This is in the spirit of the principle of the free sharing of ideas.

  4. Operate with Professionalism and Respect. Membership to contribute is not public, This is not an anonymous forum - you are invited as an individual

  5. If you wish to join the forum as a artist / creative / contributor, please see this post.
    Please note: You do not need to be an estblished artist or creative or have any sort of ‘portfolio’ of work to join the forum - any level of “I just want to post cool stuff” to “I am a professional creator” is ok and appreciated.

  6. If you want to add someone to the group, they must apply themselves via this post.

  7. We are not-responsible for Peer to Peer interaction of any sort.

  8. This is not the place for:
    a. Excessive sarcasm / cynicism - Creative critiques of all works are encouraged.
    b. Violent Rhetoric of any sort. It doesn’t matter who it’s towards; any advocation of violence / cyberbullying / doxing / general harrassment towards any group / individual is grounds for a ban.
    c. General combative / argumentative / trolling fuckery.
    d. Overt Religious / Spiritual bigotry / procelitization.
    e. Advocation of anything blatantly Illegal.

  9. Please consider compiling and open-sourcing your own ‘Ampfacts’ list ([per the manifesto] (https://www.chuckb.biz/ampfactsmanifesto)) - this is not required but appreciated to help spread ideas.

Thanks for joining us!