[Neuroscience / Creativity] - Reductionism in Art and Brain Science

Almost finished with this short listen (read) from Audible (you can do a free trial and get 2 books)

Really interesting stuff goes pretty in depth into the neuroscience or art perception and abstraction, and how the biological circuitry of the brain responds to art - highly recommended.

Wow, sounds good. Any summary/takeaways?

Major takeways (my impressions; forgive the paraphrasing / anything inaccurate):

  1. generally they talk about from a neuroscience perspective, abstraction and impressionism, though being less optically accurate, by removing elements and focusing on what’s relevant, give the viewer a more real and visceral experience, than a photo-reastical image.
  2. The brains circuitry is specially hard wired for recognizing faces almost more than anything - when looking at monkeys brains and exposing them to partial / cartoonized faces, there were significantly different reactions based off how the face was represented (pareidolia only really needs eyes and mouth to make sense; hence anime hah).

Lots and lots of little goodies I missed though, alot about how color affects the brain, and things about how to capture motion in still images as well. – only a 4 hours listen to again i highly rec.

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