Lvl347 twitter feed

This feed of .gifs has been inspiring to me recently: lvl374 (@lvl374) / Twitter

Pixelated, 1-bit, monochrome, tasteful anime, generative elements.

The whole feed. I hope whoever this is keeps going.

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I loooooooooove this whole aesthetic

I was actually just checking this guy out the other day - very similar flavor

Yup! wow - any thoughts on what features the musical equivalent might have?

So i’ve been thinking about this exact idea ALOT (dubbing it “Low-bit Noir” as a genre)

I made this ([Music Production] Low-bit Noir composition / aesthetic ideas) post as to continue this question without hi-jacking the original post - v excited to talk about this!

Also Noticed I didn’t have any sub-category under ‘cool stuff’ for the visual arts so - new we do and I’m moving this there!