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1. Randomize parameters of deterministic systems instead of consuming randomness directly

Making choices completely randomly rarely leads to creative satisfaction. Instead consider creating a system for making choices in a patterned way. If that leads to insufficient variety, then randomize some meta-choices about that system.

Discussion: Randomizing inputs to deterministic systems

Mary Martin - Permutation of Eight (1967)

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@Harold - loving to concepts here - could I just ask that you name / number this and change the title of the post to the proper format (“Harold - factslist”) so that you can continue to add more techniques / we can keep your list properly archived?


@therealchuckb - I was thinking it would be better to have one thread per fact, instead of one thread per person.

The discussion following the fact would then be better categorized. Pros/cons, applications, discussions, etc, would then be all collected per-fact in each thread.

For instance, I’ve been thinking about discussing some of my attempts to use your facts, but it feels weird to pollute your thread with a small thought about one specific fact.

Authorship of the fact would still be preserved, because the creator of each fact’s thread would be the author of that fact.

I dunno, what do you think?

I see your point, but then I don’t like the way it makes a factlists broken into several topics - Personally I like being able to point people to that post and they can quickly read all my techniques / see the diagrams and take what they will

I can create another category for “factslist discussion”

Created the category for “factslist discussion” (https://ampfacts.org/c/factslists/factslist-discussion) but am still open to discussion about forum structure with regard to this issue

All good. I’ll make the edits to this thread you asked for when I have some time. (:

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Not a bad start - you’re most of the way there, but please see the “how to facts list” or My Facts List for tips on how to format for accessibility / readability. Youre profile has been upgraded to a “FactslistDrafter”

@therealchuckb - thanks for the nudge to improve it some more. I split some of the details of my first fact out into a discussion thread and also added an example.

Is this closer to what you had in mind?

Yes Harold this is exactly it! — the idea is just to get as many of these as possible (And eventually I’ll set up a website to dynamically pull them from our respective posts).

was speaking with @john.david.murphy about this a few days ago - If you’re familiar with Eno’s Oblique Strategies then I think the basic Idea is provide concepts with just a tad bit more technical direction, but just as loose / open end to ‘inspire’ more than ‘direct’

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