[Electronica] Herr Erdberren - Sex and Music Spells


The attached is 80/90s techno with some score music mixed in with a lot of sex stuff. It’s not the best mix but uploading stuff here and there has been my set of self-care therapy.

So instead of writing out a dating profile, here’s the link. I hope you enjoy it.



Went on an extra long walk today to be able to listen to this in it’s entirety:

Found it really interesting how alot of it almost felt like the dark subdued side of eurodance; a sentiment definitely affirmed by that ‘Mr. Vain’ Edit hah. Also found it really interesting when the mix seemed to ‘deconstruct’ into the part with the ‘shes in highschool’ track and then even deeper into whatever that really abstract analog synth scape was - super heavy.

Nice job- Thanks for Sharing!

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Half of the songs were from my album collection and the other half was from songs i heard while being a slut. I think the mix really starts around 17:00.


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‘cum’ is sadly not a genre - please at least try to respect tagging conventions and correctly label your genre (fixed this one)

Also moving this to ‘music’ subcategory