[doc] Tokyo Noise (2002)

Documentary on a wide variety of technologically creative subjects in Tokyo including:

Noise music, Love Hotels, Robots, Photography, and more

A great watch.

Watched the beginning of this. It’s off to a great start.

Moment relevant to this community:

“We’re now a group of likeminded friends. We only have three rules, (1) don’t be proud/brag about your own works, (2) don’t speak ill of others, (3) learn from other’s works.”

Looking forward to watching the rest later.

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So fascinating.

Finished this tonight.

Some definite elements of serialism in this. The way the mountain photographer speaks about taking 99 pictures. Thought provoking stuff.

The odd fascination of the European filmmakers with some of the differently sexualized parts of the culture they encountered is ultimately kind of sad, but I cannot really blame anyone in the early 2000s.

Definitely worth the watch - considering the affect of ambient cultural norms and factors on creativity is super-important imo.

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Ah so glad you enjoyed this! Yes the multidisciplinary element of it is one of m favorites - what could seem more different that people taking pictures of nature and industrial noise? cool how they mangaged the show link those arts. :grinning:

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oh!!! super cool stuff. I need to sit down and watch this. Thanks for sharing.

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