Contributor Intro: therealchuckb

Hey! I’m Chuck. I started the Ampfacts Creative Club (with a little help from my friends). I consider myself a multi-media artist with an engineering problem.

Creative Interests
Music Production, Art, Drawing, Anime, Manga, Animation, Graphic Design, Generative Design, Software Engineering / Game design / Interactivity, Electrical Hardware, 3D design, DJing, Events Promotion, Linguistics, Cooking.

Creative Goals To develop more streamlined music composition techniques, and to create more complete / tangible/ consistent works.

Favorite Tools
Bitwig, Processing (Programming Language), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

“Chucky Baby” (Breakcore / Hardcore Music Project):

Digital Art / Humorous Photoshop / Social Media Commentary Art:
Hardware / Software / Interactive Portfolio:

Denver, Co

Imma gonna do one of this

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