Contributor Intro: Kali

Hey! I’m Kali, or WarpMaiden

Creative Interests
Video game design and QA
Turntablism (Drum and Bass)
Music and SFX production
Drawing, grafitti and street art

Creative Goals
To work for idSoftware on DOOM and thus make the best video game ever made.
To play a back to back vinyl set with my crew, UDS
To release a well-sounding drum and bass album
To draw a massive penis on a government building (any country, not picky)
To build a huge Serenity space ship

Favorite Tools
UNITY 3D and Unreal Engine. And lots of Google Docs.
Technics SL-1200 MKII, Behringer Nox 404
Ableton Live 11 Suite, Audacity, my phone
iPad with Procreate, Montana low pressure cans, dripper markers, stickers

Cool video games:
Weird and not exactly cool music:
All other stuff:

Warsaw, Poland


Thanks for filling out the Bio - Welcome to the forum Kali!!!

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Thanks for inviting me in, super stoked to be here :green_heart:

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Nice. (:

Also nice. (: