Contributor Intro: John Murphy

Hey! I’m John Murphy

Creative Interests
Music and programming, and the intersection between the two.

Creative Goals
Internalize and understand western harmony and structure well enough that I can use a computer to augment compositions in real-time and work towards building larger-scale pieces based on a combination of algorithms and musical inspiration.

Languages like Tidal are the basis for the investigation, but need to be expanded upon to truly allow new, meaningful expression.

Favorite Tools
Renoise, Gentoo, Python, C++, Supercollider, Vim, Bash, and my old, crappy electric piano that has given me nothing but joy.

John D. Murphy - Experimental Music []
Mr. Proxxxy - Breakcore []
Blind Pharaoh - Techno/135-160 BPM []
Seance - Drum n Bass / Patterns []

Brooklyn, NY


Welcome to the ACC John!