Contributor Intro: Harold

Hey! I’m Harold.

Creative Interests

  • Generative art (any media)
  • Music composition, recording, and production
  • Teaching/pedagogy
  • Game design

Creative Goals
I’d like to find a consistent aesthetic philosophy/considered position to tie together my efforts. I believe that creativity can drive cultural development, which can make the world a better place.

Favorite Tools
I do custom software (typically in LISP) to generate output directly, or to generate inputs to more traditional tools. I find working ‘in-the-box’ (ie. in a DAW) to be the most productive for doing music. I play the piano.

My generative visual art:
Some of my older electronic music:
Some of my more recent electronic music:

Boulder, CO, USA

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Thanks for giving us the intro harold!!! And nice to have links to your music finally!

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