About the Design Project Share / Process Discussion category

This is where you can post about any project you’re working on / have finished and how it was made -

  1. Do not spam projects without engaging in conversation about the process! If you literally just want to advertise your stuff, you can do so in the “Media Share” Category without restriction.

  2. With any topic, please provide an atleast 1 short paragraph description, describing your creative process / techniques / tools you used in making the project.

  3. This category is for “Non-functional” projects only, i.e. art, music, games, etc. - all “functional” (engineering) projects (i.e. tools not art pieces) should be taken to the appropriate category.

  4. Please be mindful to keep the discussion focused on techniques / process - Discussions that focus on the use of hardware / software past the point of how it is necessary / relevant to your process should be taken to “Software / Hardware Discussion” category.